The U.S. Pro/Am Ballroom Dance Championships are renowned for the acknowledgement and recognition
given to the student dancer.  In addition to scholarships for FREE dance lessons of their choice, these students
received fantastic rhinestone tiaras & wands, floral bouquet, beautiful dance figurine trophy, and the magnificent
overall grand dance figurine awards.  They were presented in a spotlight ceremony and walked the red carpet as
the audience cheered and congratulated them on outstanding dance achievement.

Every teacher wins money each and every time you dance - $15. For
every 1st place, $10. For every 2nd place, and $5. For all other

Stop Struggling to Find the Right Dance Competition!  It’s Here!

It’s elegant.  It’s well organized.  It’s professionally run.  It offers more
incentives and extras than in other competition in the United States today.   
And best of all,it’s at a price every student can afford and every studio will find  

There’s lots of other dance competitions on the market today.  What makes the
Winner’s Circle Promotions U.S. Pro/Am Ballroom Dance Championships
events so unique?…..

They are absolutely appealing to dancers of all ages, all dance abilities, and
offer a positive dance experience for each and every attendee. Here’s a
competition where the ballroom stays full at all times, guaranteeing your
students dancing is observed and appreciated by others.  There are structured
tour activities where everyone is included. Seating for every function, including
meals, is rotated daily and assigned to generate a great social ambiance for
bonding participants as a unit. There is competition for every level dancer, from
the most basic to the most advanced.  Both students and teachers receive
individual recognition for their efforts, not just a few professionals or top
dancers.  Every single facet of the competition, from the complimentary
program with information on “bringing guests to the studio, how you can help
your teacher, etc.” is directed toward a positive experience at the competition
and a continuing positive experience once you return to your studio.
The Right Dance Competition is Here!  Come Take Advantage of  It
U.S. Pro/Am Ballroom Dance Championship
Why Should You Attend a Ballroom
Dance Competition?

When you first decided to visit a dance studio and make
the decision to embark on dance lessons, it probably was
not with the intention of becoming a competitor or even
attending a dance competition.

Why should you consider attending a dance competition?  
Well, like anything that we do in front of others, speaking,
making a job related presentation, etc.  We are more aware
of our appearance.  We study harder, we practice more,
we attempt to be the best we can be.  Performing in front
of others certainly presents a challenge and makes us
focus on our skill. Participating in a ballroom dance
competition only instills in us the desire to perfect our
technique and overall appearance.  It’s good for us!

At a ballroom dance event, you have the exciting
opportunity to network with other student dancers
experiencing the same challenges you do.  It’s a great
way to meet people who share a common interest and
bond.  The good fellowship of being a ballroom dancer is
truly unequaled.

Most of all ballroom competitions are FUN, allowing you to
travel, learn, enjoy, and use your wonderful hobby in
The fullest way possible.

Since 1973 in

Teacher Bonuses, and
2018 Top Overall Female Student
Harriet Shapiro - Club Dance, Florida
Happiness and Joy greet 2018 Top Overall
Proficiency Rising Star Champion
Shirley Griffin - Applause Dance Factory, M
2018 Overall
Top Grand Championship
Proficiency Winner (High
Score of the Year)
Karen Chadwick -
Chattanooga DanceSport,

Overall for the Year Scholarships for Female Students
1st Pl. - $1000.   2nd Pl. - $800.   3rd Pl. -$600.  4th Pl. - $400.        
5th Pl. - $200. 6th Pl - $100.

Overall for the Year Scholarships for Male Students
1st Pl. - $500.  2nd Pl. - $400.  3rd Pl. - $300.  4th Pl. - $200
5th Pl. - $100.   6th Pl. - $50.

All Star Category - $1000.
Student Susan Cippola
wins Scholarship
Vieceli's Studio
We offer ALL the Country
Western Dances WITH
2018 Top Overall Male Student
Art Walters - DanceQuest, Tennessee
2018 Overall All Star Champion
(Most Entries)
Aneisa Blair - Blair's Ballroom, Kentucky
Student Lynette Pope
wins Scholarship
Champion Ballroom
Student Cara Zingre
wins Scholarship
Castellano DanceSport
Student Grace Nosko
wins Scholarship
Dancers Passion
Student Lauriann Cicorelli
wins Scholarship
Just Dance
Student Nancy Urich
wins Scholarship
J & K Studio