U.S. Pro/AmBallroom Dance Championship
Professionals and Amateur dancers do NOT have to be a member of any organization or pay an
organizational fee in order to participate.

Whether you are a seasoned professional, an instructor trainee, or attending your very first
competition as a teacher, you WILL receive money each and every time you dance!  Whether you have
young students, elderly students, beginning students or advanced students, you WILL be paid each
and every time you dance - $15.00 for every 1st place, $10.00 for every 2nd place, and $5.00 for all

There is no couple minimum for teachers to receive money.  Whether there is one couple or many
couples in an event, you still get paid every time you dance.

Students are paid the FULL Scholarship amounts in
2, 3, 4, and 5 Dance Championships whether there
is one couple on the floor competing or multiple couples.  It's not your fault if no one else elected to
enter a championship category.  The FULL scholarship WILL be paid.

Juniors come FREE of Charge.  They pay ONLY for entry fees.  The instructor is still paid for each time
they dance with a Junior or Junior Amateur Couple.  Parents, friends, and family are always welcome
FREE of Charge.  There is never a Charge for Spectators at any Winner's Circle Promotion.  We are
hopeful the spectator will enjoy the competition so much, they too, will become interested in enjoying
the hobby of ballroom dance!