Our Mission For Students
The U.S. Pro/Am Ballroom Dance Championships are dedicated to
encouraging every dancer, no matter what the age or dance
proficiency, to perform their best and feel good about themselves.  
We have a dance division for every student—not just a handful for
the  most accomplished—but categories for dancers of every level.

Since 1973, the Winner’s Circle Promotions have presented in excess
of $10,000,000.00 in cash, scholarships, awards, and prizes to
recognize & assist the development of ballroom dancing.  Whether
you are just a beginner or an advanced dancer, amateur couple or
junior dancer, we have a category & scholarship opportunity for you!

Fun Activities and Special Award Presentations
U.S. Pro/Am Ballroom Dance Championship
1. Scholarship lessons  must be used for the student’s
continuing dance education in American, International, or
Country Western dance instruction.

2.Scholarship lessons are not transferable to any other person
or organization nor may be given as
a donation or gift to other persons or organizations.

3. Scholarship funds may not be used for items such as
competition trips, costumes, shoes, music, or for anything
other than dance lessons for the student’s continuing dance

Scholarships are presented in CASH to the student for the
publicity photo.  Money should then be turned over to the
instructor so the acceptance of money does not designate the
student to be a “professional.”

Student must be present at the time of the award presentation
to receive the cash scholarship.  Scholarships will NOT be
mailed or may not be accepted by another individual.  Non
participation in the award ceremony equals forfeiture of
scholarship money.
Ballroom competitors travel hundreds of miles to competitions and sometimes never
leave the hotel or the ballroom.  Wow, what a shame!  Our concept is not only to
attend the competition, dance, and compete, but also have fellowship with other
dancers and see something of the local venue.  
As for award presentations don't have to be boring or stuffy.  They can be FUN too!  
Scholarship funds may be used for American, International, or Country lessons for the
student's continuing dance education.  Judge Jonathan Bascum, Denny Lennon, his student
Karen Chadwick who received $15,525.00 in scholarships for her continuing dance
education in 2018, judges Sabrina Paxmann-Stewart and Dean Abraham.
Nikita Malyeyev
of Dancers Passion
was selected as the
2018 U.S. Pro/Am Ballroom
Dance Championship
Overall Golden
Apple winner for
a Teacher displaying
outstanding service
as a professional
to all students
attending the
competition. Nikita is
pictured with judge
Paxmann-Stewart and
Cathy O'Dell.
Student Winnie Chen, instructor Dana Heitman, and student
Vema Jenkins with one of the "Honorariums" acknowledging
the accomplishments of both students and teachers who
receive scholarship funds and teacher bonuses during the
year. Winnie received $600. in scholarships, Dana $3060. in
teacher bonuses, and Velma received $2745. in scholarships
for her continuing dance education.  This particular
"Honorarium" is presented to those who have received funds
for five years.  We call it the "Mooving Experience"
honoraium.  It consists of the cow footstool, pillow, walk
about non-slip socks, sleep night-shirt, all with black and
happy cow picture.   What a great way to celebrate your
dance accomplishments and remember all the fun dancing
your way to the great prize!
Art Walters, Top Overall Male
Student for 2018 with $7575. in
Scholarships, his teacher Debbie
Sullivan- 2018 Overall Female
instructor with $9700. in teacher
bonuses, & 2nd place overall
male student Dennis Andrews
$1000.  Dr. Walters has the
distinction of not only being the
Top Male Student for more wins
than any other male student,
but more Overall Wins than any
female student in the history of
the Winner's Circle Promotions!
2018 Overall All Star
Champion Aneisa Blair with
Scholarships equaling
$6025. for most entries
danced during the year
Left - 2018 2nd Place Overall Female Student
Harriet Shapiro ($10,700. in Scholarships) and
her instructor Kevin Marone ($3850. in teacher

What happens when your instructor has knee
surgery a few weeks before the competition? -
Jane is featured right with her instructor Sterling
Burroughs of Champion Ballroom ($9710. in
teacher bonuses for 2018) with other studio
instructors Nikita Malyeyevn, Dana Heitman, and
Denny Lennon who pitched in and danced with
Jane when Sterling's knee gave out at the
competition.  This is a perfect example of what it
means to be a participant at the U.S. Pro/Am
Ballroom Dance Championships - cooperation
and wanting every competitor to dance their
personal best!  Everyone went out of their way
to make an unfortunate situation an act of
kindness for a fellow dancer.
Jane Elmore with judging panels, her dancing teachers and her dancing elves award.