Our Mission For Students
The U.S. Pro/Am Ballroom Dance Championships are dedicated to
e every dancer, no matter what the age or dance proficiency,
to perform their best and feel good about themselves.  We have a
dance division for every student—not just a handful for the most
accomplished—but categories for dancers of every level.

Since 1973, the Winner’s Circle Promotions have presented in excess
of $10,000,000.00 in cash, scholarships, awards, and prizes to
recognize & assist the development of ballroom dancing.  Whether
you are just a beginner or an advanced dancer, amateur couple or
junior dancer, we have a category & scholarship opportunity for you!

Fun Activities and Special Award Presentations
U.S. Pro/Am Ballroom Dance Championship
1. Scholarship lessons  must be used for the student’s
continuing dance education in American, International, or
Country Western dance instruction.

2.Scholarship lessons are not transferable to any other person
or organization nor may be given as
a donation or gift to other persons or organizations.

3. Scholarship funds may not be used for items such as
competition trips, costumes, shoes, music, or for anything
other than dance lessons for the student’s continuing dance

Scholarships are presented in CASH to the student for the
publicity photo.  Money should then be turned over to the
instructor so the acceptance of money does not designate the
student to be a “professional.”

Student must be present at the time of the award presentation
to receive the cash scholarship.  Scholarships will NOT be
mailed or may not be accepted by another individual.  Non
participation in the award ceremony equals forfeiture of
scholarship money.
 Pictured are students and their instructors who qualified for a U.S.
Pro/Am Ballroom Dance Championship Honorarium.  What is an
Honorarium?  It is acknowledgement of winning student scholarships
during the year.  By winning a scholarship, the student qualifies their
teacher as well.  Above is the 2nd Year Champagne/Wine Top Hat
Bucket on Stand.  There are now 30 years of honorariums which can be
received, all for use in your home, office, or studio.  Congratulations to
all honorarium winners for your dance accomplishments!
Yes, at every competition, students are given a Homework Assignment!  It is
not mandatory the student completes and dances the assignment at the next
U.S. Pro/AM Ballroom Dance Championship they attend.  However, everyone
who DOES completes their homework assignment receives an incentive gift,
and the teacher also receives the incentive gift!  What kind of homework?  A
dance is selected randomly from the entry form which the student did not
enter at the competition to be the homework.  The homework may be to dance
more advanced material in a dance which is already a part of the student's
dance curriculum, styling, etc.  The assignment is made to encourage the
student to step out of their comfort zone, try something new, and be
challenged in their dance goals.  It's fun and well worth the effort.
The U.S. Pro/Am Ballroom Dance Championships
always presents a continuous panel of rotating
judges to insure fairness and impartiality.