U.S. Pro/Am Ballroom Dance Championship

The Hall of Fame of the U.S. Pro/Am Ballroom Dance Championships began in 1973, crowning began for Overall winners in 1990.  At
that time, an elaborate ceremony acknowledging the Top Overall winners with a red carpet presentation was added and continues.
2019 Overall Champions Above (Scholarship amounts listed are for Atlanta Finals only, NOT the entire year)
(Jeff Stein & Christy Byers (Judges), Grace Nosko ($775), Karen Chadwick ($5625.), Overall Champion Claude Dharamraj ($3000),
Harriet Shapiro ($4350), Velma Jenkins($300), Nancy Urich ($450.), and Victoria and Aaron Greer (judges) at the Grand Finale
No where will you find more generous awards for
students and staff in such an elegant atmosphere!

Why aren't you receiving great scholarships like
these dancers?!
We Recognize and Value Your Hard Work

The award ceremony is a VERY IMPORTANT part of
the competition experience. You won't see the
"Masters" golf champion, the"National" college
football champions, or a winner at the "Academy
Awards" present their top honors to a recipient in a
"horseshoe formation," or to be picked up out in the
hallway or at some out of the way booth!  The U.S.
Pro/Am Ballroom Dance Championships have not
now or ever, nor ever will, present any award in a
fashion not complimentary to those who have
worked so hard to achieve success.  Teachers AND
students WILL be recognized!
 Thank you for your
hard work and effort!
JUNIOR Dancer Jillian Tokish
received $800. in
Scholarships.  Juniors receive a
child friendly lunch meal on the
days they compete, program,
award, free admission for
themselves, parents, family,
and friends.  Juniors pay only
for entries.
Student Sigrid Gebel
$625. Scholarship
Castellano DanceSport
Ballroom in Motion
Studio Teacher Matt
Watson with
students Miriam
Atkins ($775.
Scholarships) and
Caroline Ashe
($225 Scholarships)
Matt won $825. in
Teacher Bonuses