Competition Rules

For years, the Winner’s Circle Promotions have consistently & methodically, stressed the
importance at our dance events of providing every competitor with the most fair, the most
unbiased, & most equal grading evaluation of any dance competition organization in the
World.  We believe no one student should have unfair advantage over another & therefore,
have placed great importance on dance categories. It’s understandable the “Independent”
studios have different teaching programs & not all steps, patterns, or levels are the same.  It
does, however, make it very difficult for judges to evaluate every dancer on the same basis
with this difference in teaching.  

Let's think of it this way - A friend invites you to a party at their home and tells you to bring
10 friends.  The party is to be very casual, bare feet, sit on the beach type affair.  When you
and your guests arrive, everyone is in Formal Attire!  You don't understand what is going on,
your guests don't understand, everyone is confused and embarrassed.  There is little
difference in this situation and the situation some teachers encounter when they attend a
dance competition.  People are dancing out of category.  Students wonder,
*"I know that material, but didn't think I could do it in this category."  
*"Is that couple receiving a higher marking because they are doing those steps?"
*"Am I being penalized for not doing advanced material."
*Why didn't my teacher know this in advance!X#?%

The student becomes upset with their teacher.  The teacher becomes upset with the
organizer.  No one is happy because information was not correctly relayed.  As the organizer
of the United States Pro/Am Ballroom Dance Championships, I personally assure you this will
not occur. Dance Charts developed by instructors teaching on a daily basis in studios as the
most popular and most used were compiled in dance charts which took over four years to
develop by the United States Independent Dance Council.  A step list is provided to anyone
prior to the competition and is always listed in the competition program for clarification.

Peace of Mind!  Never Any Bad Surprises with Cathy!
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direction of  Cathy O'Dell.
U.S. Pro/Am Ballroom Dance Championship
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Since 1973
Step by Step Participants in Italy
Kristen Stazek & Jeff Locker

Continental Studio Participants
Mildred Smith & Milan Marcis
What is Social Ease?
The Social Ease Category is "Dancing in the Real World."  It means dancing on small, crowded dance floors, with music which is not
necessarily strict tempo.  Dancing at the studio with your own instructor is easy and comfortable, but when we enter the "real" dance
world, things change.  We find inconsiderate waiters making their way through the dance floor with food/drinks.  Drunk people staggering
about, people smoking, talking loudly on their cell phones, and so many other distractions which can make dancing so much more
difficult.  In the Social Ease category, the student is graded on their ability to lead/follow amid all this confusion.  Their posture and
footwork should remain neat.  The ability to understand rhythm and timing is of utmost importance.  The idea of this particular
competition phase is to still look good and have fun without lots of tricky or fancy steps in a real world situation.  The Social Ease
category is one of most popular dance categories we have ever presented.  Not only is it a wonderful learning and educational experience,
it's a great way to win scholarships, teacher bonuses AND have fun!  In the Regular Social Ease, the student dances with their own
instructor and receives a $50. 1st place scholarship.  In the MIXED Social Ease category, the student dances with someone other than their
regular teacher and receives $25. Scholarship for 1st place and a $25. teacher bonus for the instructor.
$4000. in

Cathy & her late husband
Tom, established the
Winner's Circle Promotions in
1973.  Cathy continues to run
the U.S. Pro/Am Ballroom
Dance Championships which
are now in their 4
business year with over 2
competitions held
throughout the United States
and the World.  When not
busy with the competitions,
Cathy plays the harp, is a
Grief Support Facilitator,
sings in her church choir, and
is active in church functions.